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East Goscote Scout Group


Our Beaver section is made up of groups called lodges. Each one has a bird name and has a lodge leader and assistant lodge leader.

The lodges have around 7 Beavers in each and when a new young person joins a lodge, the lodge leader will take them under their wing and get them involved in the games and badge work.

A normal night lasts about an hour and we do a mixture of games and badge work.  The nights are never dull as our leaders always make the night enjoyable for all.

The year is split into terms just like a school year and over a term with will work on two/three badges which are presented to the Beavers at the end of term.

A Beaver will spend two years with section before moving on to the Cubs, during this time as a Beaver will have opportunities to go on adventurous activities, sleepovers and fun days. 

Pot Holing
Swimming Gala - 2nd Place
Bouldering Wall
Christmas Camp in June
Christmas Trip to Leicester
Beaver Camp
Christmas Trip to Leicester
Go Karts


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